Recent discoveries have linked the 70,000 chemicals dumped into our environment every year to                                                                       50 CHRONIC DISEASES. 

It’s the Hormones-

“Young physicians starts life with 20 drugs for each disease    [from Anemia to Crohn’s Disease to Endometriosis]

In the Textbook of Bio-identical Hormones each of the body’s endocrine systems and your symptoms from their disruption, is discussed. When hormones are returned to normal levels, the body returns to its normal milieu.  Health is being balanced, hormonally.

By BLOCKING ENDOCRINE DISRUPTING Chemicals that function like estrogen, instead of making our bodies fat and sick-                                     WE CAN STAY WELL!I

let’s not be Stupid.

and the old physician saves lives with one drug for 20 diseases.”        [Meet the ‘old’ doctor with everything NEW!]

Edward M. Lichten, M.D. has been a board-certified gynecologist for 45 years. Trained by the legendary Frederick P. Zuspan, M.D.,  Lichten has always been one to challenge conventional thought. His work on endometriosis and menstrual pain physiology showed the pain to be ‘real’ and treatable with out-patient surgery.

An assistant clinical professor at Wayne State College of Medicine in Detroit, Dr. Lichten teaches medical students, residents and other doctors about the use of ‘testosterone-like’ medications to block out the xeno-estrogen environmental toxins which disrupt our endocrine system. He served as the Galloway Fellow in Gynecologic Oncology at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City and  was inducted into the Fellowship of  the American College Surgeons.

Lichten’s present use of medical therapy makes most surgery unnecessary. Extending his work to Crohn’s Disease, migraine, diabetes and heart disease can make a world-wide improvement for millions of people.

The environmental toxins are estrogens.⇐

Every piece of plastic, every pesticide sprayed on our food, every hormonal contraceptive is a ‘hormonal’ poison. There is something very wrong when men’s sperm count drop 75%; when infertility is going through the roof; when you can’t tell a young man from a young woman.

WE OFFER YOU          



Menstrual Migraine and Cluster 

Menstrual Migraine & Cluster Headache are hormonal. No one has more effective treatments –  published author with 35 years of experience. Stable hormone levels keep the migraines away in both women and men.

Crohn’s Disease/ Bowel Disease

Save our children from surgery! Breakthrough in blocking environmental toxins that trigger Crohn’s, our medical treatments through the University will change their lives! Protocol offers 2 months of medication at no cost!

Diabetes in Men and Women

Diabetes and obesity are linked to the pesticides hormones in our food. Improved sugar control comes from adding back ‘good’ hormones and ‘blocking’ the bad ones.  Our research treatments started here 20 years ago.

Endometriosis/ Pelvic Pain

Endometriosis and pelvic pain are caused by environmental toxins. Block the toxins- block the pain and avoid the hysterectomy/ surgery.

Best Sex Ever

The hormones in the environment are making men impotent and women unresponsive. By resetting hormones to normal, youthful levels — and with our patented ‘Honeymoon’ Cream, sex can be great for both partners.

Heart Disease

The increase in heart disease directly correlates with the increase in hormones in our food and livestock. Blocking the estrogens and improving the blood flow with testosterone can save men and women from heart attacks.

Thyroid Disease: Everywhere!

Research shows that the environmental toxins are poisoning our thyroids. Replacement hormones can replenish energy, weight loss, and improve hair and nails.

GI Bacterial Overgrowth

Research shows that the environmental toxins control the bacterial overgrowth. Resetting the natural hormones to normal levels resets the bacteria and symptoms improve!

Rheumatoid Arthritis

All the connective tissue diseases are autoimmune and often respond to the mixed androgen injections that balance the bio-markers.

 Erectile Dysfunction 

New medications, treatments, injections and implants resolve this issue for the vast majority of affecded men.

Postpartum Lactation Difficulties

Research patent shows that a topical hormone cream can trigger many women to release natural oxytocin and induce copious lactation.

The Opioid Epidemic – out of Control?

Opioid epidemic kills greater than 50,000 lives this year. New 6-months alternative to vivitrol and puprophone  (naltrexone) injections.

Implanted Birth Control for Him and Her

New implants of natural hormones are key to offering 6- and 12-month contraception. These medications have positive effects on orgasm, sex drive and body contouring.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Research shows disruption in multiple endocrine glands is present in Traumatic Brain Injury. Prompt hormonal replacement can speed recovery.

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Hormonal disruption starts with sleep disturbances driving the rest of the endocrine system ‘crazy’. Balancing the hormonal milieu often stabilizes her life.

Alzheimer’s Disease/ Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease is a form of dementia that can often be prevented by maintaining young levels of important hormones.

Alcohol Disuse Disorder

50,000 alcohol related auto accident deaths and 50% of prison incarcerations are related to alcohol. On implanted medication, they can not drink alcohol for up to 6 month.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

The hormonal mood swings can be prevented by stabilizing the hormonal milieu. Migraine, painful menstruation and mental confusion are not longer a disruptive force in her life.

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